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If either you or your spouse are contemplating the filing of a divorce or dissolution, many questions and worries arise.  As an experienced divorce lawyer in Cincinnati and surrounding areas in Hamilton County, West Chester, and Mason, I can help you navigate through your many questions and the legal technicalities.  For further information regarding your best resolution, call (513) 522-5800 to schedule your consultation.



In the State of Ohio, there are two legal processes available to end a marriage — divorce and dissolution.  To file in the State of Ohio, you must have lived in the state for six (6) consecutive months.  The duration of the marriage does not dictate which process may be chosen.

In a dissolution, you and your spouse must agree upon all issues surrounding the termination of your marriage, including all property, visitation, child support and/or spousal support. A Separation Agreement is then written up by an attorney.  No paperwork may be filed with the Court until the agreement has been signed by both parties. It is also necessary for both parties to attend court one time. If any issue cannot be agreed upon, you cannot proceed forward with a dissolution. 

By comparison, a divorce is an adversarial proceeding, which begins with the filing of a Complaint for Divorce.  Any issues on which the parties cannot come to an agreement will be decided by the Court.

While a divorce is pending, you may possibly file for a temporary order, which would address the issues of custody, visitation, child support and/or spousal support. This temporary order would be in effect until such time as the parties can either come to a final agreement or the Court makes a final order on their behalf. 

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While many seek counsel for the divorce process, many times there are those that do not think they need an attorney for a dissolution. While a dissolution is generally a more amicable process, it still may not always be simple.

The same attorney may not represent both parties in a dissolution, therefore it is recommended that each party have their own legal counsel. It is advisable to at least have an experienced attorney review the agreement prior to signing to ensure that it is in your best interest. Furthermore, while it may seem acceptable in the here and now, a qualified attorney can help you see the bigger picture to ensure that it is not only in your best interests at this time, but also in the future should your circumstances change. 


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